What I like about New Zealand – bonus post

The very best part of my New Zealand trip were two very lovely young people – my daughter Nadia and her boyfriend Bradley.

Here’s why:

1. They are easy going.

2. They make me laugh – almost too much.

3. They like lollies – too much.

4. They like ice cream – also too much.

5. We call each other fatties – it’s a term of endearment, but it contains an element of truth.

6. We can discuss bunny rabbits and other possible future pets for ages and not be tired of the topic.

7. We come up with silly ways of playing normal games – well, actually, it’s Bradley who does this, examples are Blind Jenga and Blind Connect Four.

8. They make me breakfast. And they would bring along a bottle of wine for me on the road trip.

9. They made me climb up and down a big rock even though I protested.

10. They cheered me on when I got a hole in one at mini golf.

I could go on, but no list will ever be big enough to contain the love and adoration I have for these two hunnies.




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