Day 240 – January 30, 2013

The week is half way through, and here are the things that I am grateful for…

1. Instant taxi luck for a super early morning start.

2. A very successful Showcase Morning – I was the MC and it went so well!

3. Reconnecting with people in my network.

4. Enjoying a full breakfast!

5. Having a coffee with the Golden Oldies before they flew home- I just adore them.

6. Creating a wonderful doodle for my company’s Chinese New Year greeting card.

7. Having a silly game with my colleague – he plays James Bond while I play Miss MoneyPenny.

8. Home cooked meal.

9. Post dinner conversation with my daughter.

10. Your funny little request and you simple answer to my request.


Day 239 – January 29, 2013

Tuesday – my usual Tango Day.

On this day I am thankful for…

1. A wonderful day at work – I have such a fun group of people that I work with.

2. Knowing that my decision is right – and I am being supported.

3. A surprise present – the Law of Attraction working its magic – I got a beautiful mirror!

4. Conversations on movies – hearing other people’s opinions.

5. Having some time on my own with my own thoughts.

6. A very chatty niece who was so excited to speak to me over the phone.

7. A very nice lunch at the Argentinean Steak House with my daughter.

8. My daughter – for coming to help out at the office.

9. That my lovely friend, neighbour and boss is on her way to recovery.

10. Knowing that I have so much more to give in life.

Empathy – in listening

I facilitate workshops on emotional intelligence.
And lately I have been fascinated by the connection of neuroscience, our brain and our emotions.

One of the elements I love most about emotional intelligence is empathy.
So here is a fun little quiz for you.

Which of the responses is empathetic? A? B? C? Or D?
And why?






Day 238 – January 28, 2013

It’s Monday and I never suffer from Monday blues because I am grateful for…

1. Taxi magic – when a taxi appears at your front door, you get in without hesitation. It’s magic.

2. Baguette, butter and black coffee – my idea of a perfect breakfast.

3. Learning things for myself while I prepare for work.

4. Arranging to have one on one time with someone who really listens to me.

5. Bringing the Golden Oldies (grandparents) for Peking Duck dinner and having a happy time.

6. The Golden Oldies traveling Hong Kong and spending time with us.

7. Having such lovely Golden Oldies in our lives.

8. Knowing that my father is well looked after by my brother.

9. That my mother is well looked after by her dear husband.

10. That if you could, you would.

Day 237 – January 27, 2013

A Sunday that was well spent.
On this day, I am thankful for…

1. My feet – they are healthy and function properly.

2. Friends – that look out for me and they come to me when they are in need of me.

3. Dim Sum lunches – Hong Kong is a paradise for delicious delicacies.

4. Golden Oldies – old people are as adorable as babies.

5. Movies – films like Cloud Atlas, make you think, feel and wonder.

6. Karma – I believe in it.

7. My daughter – she knows me.

8. Books – they are constant reminders of love, knowledge and experience.

9. You – your trust in me.

10. You – for being a part of me.

Day 236 – January 26, 2013

Saturdays can be busy and productive, and I had one of these Saturdays this weekend.
And for that I am grateful for…

1. Having time to enjoy a quiet lunch with my daughter before heading to work – yes! Got work this Saturday!

2. Spending my afternoon with a group of teenagers – sharing with them communication skills for working well with others.

3. Having the opportunity to do this charity work for Kely Support Group – dedicated to helping teenagers live better lives.

4. The afternoon was fruitful and the teenagers enjoyed what I had planned for them.

5. Having my daughter in the audience so she could see what I do for a living.

6. Knowing that my daughter is proud of me 🙂

7. Cross Harbour Tunnel buses that are cheap and convenient.

8. Spending the evening with our Golden Oldies – Nadia’s grandparents, Wayne and Diane, and their friends Howard and Robyn.

9. Witnessing a couple who have been married for 47 years and they still hold each others’ hands when they walk together.

10. Knowing that they all love you and enjoy your company so much – it’s the sweetest feeling.

Day 235 – January 25, 2013

Woohoo, it’s Friday.
On this day I am thankful for…

1. Waking up early enough to get ready in spite of how crappy I felt.

2. My colleague picking me up in a taxi so I won’t have to worry about catching one.

3. Enjoying a nice coffee time with my colleague before the day started.

4. A very enjoyable workshop on Change and Growth through Emotional Intelligence.

5. Having participants in the workshop who are enthusiastic and participative.

6. Having colleagues in my workshop who got a lot out of the morning.

7. Knowing my daughter is able to protect her grandparents from aggressive people touting at tourist spots.

8. My daughter and her grandparents had a nice time in Macau.

9. Enjoying a very nice Japanese dinner with the family.

10. Our sweet quality time together.

What more can I ask for?
I am a very lucky woman.

Day 234 – January 24, 2013

Back at the office on a Thursday and I am thankful for…

1. Sleeping early and waking up early – sure feels good.

2. Not having a sore throat anymore.

3. Having a great (short and concise) morning meeting that came with a great cup of coffee.

4. A very productive morning and getting a number of tasks done.

5. My colleagues help and collaboration in getting those tasks done.

6. Bea’s thoughtful phone call before her flight to Taiwan – hope she has tonnes of fun there!

7. My daughter coming up to the office to have lunch with me.

8. My daughter enjoying the opportunity to spend time with her grandparents.

9. A quiet evening and an early night to rest and get over this cold.

10. The way that you make plans and decisions that I somehow adore.

What’s been happening?

I have had to travel a great deal for work lately.

Sometimes, I hesitate to message my friends to ask how they are because I am worried that I won’t have enough time to really listen to them.
So when someone messages me to ask how I am, it really makes me so happy.

My friends, I might be busy, but I am thinking of you.