Day 236 – January 26, 2013

Saturdays can be busy and productive, and I had one of these Saturdays this weekend.
And for that I am grateful for…

1. Having time to enjoy a quiet lunch with my daughter before heading to work – yes! Got work this Saturday!

2. Spending my afternoon with a group of teenagers – sharing with them communication skills for working well with others.

3. Having the opportunity to do this charity work for Kely Support Group – dedicated to helping teenagers live better lives.

4. The afternoon was fruitful and the teenagers enjoyed what I had planned for them.

5. Having my daughter in the audience so she could see what I do for a living.

6. Knowing that my daughter is proud of me 🙂

7. Cross Harbour Tunnel buses that are cheap and convenient.

8. Spending the evening with our Golden Oldies – Nadia’s grandparents, Wayne and Diane, and their friends Howard and Robyn.

9. Witnessing a couple who have been married for 47 years and they still hold each others’ hands when they walk together.

10. Knowing that they all love you and enjoy your company so much – it’s the sweetest feeling.


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