Day 264 – February 23, 2013

It’s Saturday and I am back home, feeling very grateful for…

1. Waking up at 4:00am – too early but I was looking forward to going home.

2. Not having to wait long for a taxi!

3. A smooth flight back to Hong Kong – I do like the service of Singapore Airlines, a lot.

4. Arriving home to a healthy home cooked lunch by Nadia and Bradley!

5. Napping – I slept for almost three hours. Obviously needed it.

6. Grocery shopping – small joys of domestic home life.

7. Having my Monday work materials delivered to me. Thank you my dear colleagues!

8. Quiet healthy dinner at home.

9. Watching a long slow movie – Marie Antoinette – not quite boring but rather calming.

10. Hearing my niece’s voice – she rings up to tell me how much she misses me.



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