Day 317 – day 322 ~ April 17-22, 2013

Busy-ness, business and to top it all off, a bout of existential crisis.
All of the above caught up with me and I chose to sleep instead of write or doodle.
Didn’t do me much good, and I am still tired, so I return to my list and my doodles.

Over the past week, I am thankful for…

1. Having a mild case of existential crisis – without one, I would not exist.

2. Meeting someone who frightens me, challenges me but also teaches me.

3. Catching a glimpse of my many other facets.

4. Having a friend who brings me back to earth.

5. Having a family to come home to.

6. Seeing things and people in a new light.

7. Learning about mindfulness, bit by bit, drop by drop.

8. Realizing how much more I have to learn and experience yet.

9. Questions.

10. Searches.



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