Day 325 – April 25, 2013

I started off today feeling so low energy and almost completely deflated.
Somehow I got myself to work.
And I was greeted by the sweet kindness of my colleagues.
They were all so concerned with why I was the way I was.
Then Olivier took me out for a coffee, and I was reenergized after a good chat.

I am thankful for…

1. My colleagues.

2. Chatting with Olivier about my presentation at the British Chamber.

3. Sharing excitement with Olivier because he gets SO excited!

4. Feedback from my colleagues that help me improve and do a better job.

5. Help from my colleagues in any way or form.

6. Delivering a great presentation at the British Chamber – on the subject of emotional intelligence.

7. Shopping with my colleague Pelle after a great meeting.

8. Finding beautiful necklaces!

9. Enjoying dinner and a movie on a Thursday night – Iron Man!

10. Being happy with the little things in life.



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