Day 355 – Day 365 ~ May 26 – June 10, 2013

I have taken a short break from my doodling and my gratitude list only to suddenly feel the urge to write again today.

And when I started counting the days, I realized that I started this blog exactly one year ago.
Just at that moment, I received a notification from WordPress congratulating me on my one year anniversary!


And so, over this past 365 days, I am thankful for…

1. Discovering that I have some level of consistency to stick with my blogging and doodling.

2. Having followers on this rather personal blog of mine.

3. Having an iPad and a drawing app that makes doodling so much fun and so easy.

4. Hearing from people who love my doodles.

5. Being inspired by others.

6. Being inspired by everyday life.

7. Allowing myself to slack off when I am uninspired.

8. Inspiring others through something that I enjoy.

9. Making it to a full year in site of some occasional gaps.

10. Wanting to explore new ways of keeping this going.

A doodle I did for work today, but strangely apt for my event mood.
I have been asking myself whether I need to change my blog as I have been wondering about the content and relevance of my blog as well…