17th July, 2013 – Ripples

I am making small changes.
And I am looking forward to the tremendous impact.

What difference have you made today?
Whose day did you brighten today?
What act of kindness did you extend today?


16th July, 2013 – A Smile Away

Today, I am thankful for…

1. Reconnecting with two special friends.
2. Feeling renewed and inspired.
3. Getting a surprise phone call from an old friend.

I will never get tired of saying how amazing it is when the right people, the right opportunity or the right thing appears in my life like magic just when I needed them most.

And as my doodle illustrates, these people are never far away.

You never know who might be smiling back.


15th July, 2013 – Thankfulness

Thank you for…
1. Being there for me.
2. Understanding.
3. Your love and friendship.

No more excuses, I only have solutions and plans.

Reclaiming my health.
Setting new goals.
Making changes.

Every day is a good day for making a difference.


11th July, 2013 – Shine a little Differently

My mini gratitude list:
1. A great day at work.
2. Young and inquisitive minds.
3. Wise and inspiring conversations.

To hear someone tell you, “You’ve inspired me.”
To listen to someone’s stories.
To have someone listen to yours.
It’s been a very good day for me.

Shine. Shine a little differently.
Shine authentically.


10th July, 2013 – Up in the Air

I have been flying to different cities every week for nine consecutive weeks now.
A new personal record.

And as I looked out my window today, on my Cathay Pacific flight 711 to Singapore, the fluffy white clouds made me want to draw a very childish doodle – a typical childhood fantasy of bouncing from cloud to cloud, puff to puff.

Did you have the same daydream too?


9th July, 2013 – The Darkest of Nights

My friend,

There are some battles that you will have to fight alone.
Just as I have fought them myself, I know it’s hard.

There are days and nights that you will have to face on your own.
Just as I have faced them myself, I know it’s hard.

Remember to look up.
Keep your chin up.

Never look back because wars are not won that way.
Never look back because you have already been down that path.
Never look back because there is just so much more ahead to look forward to.

I care, but I cannot fight your battles for you.
You deserve to win it for yourself.

Your friend xo


5th July, 2013 – Service with a Smile

Today I am thankful for the service I received from a man named Smile, who did everything with not just a smile, but with enthusiasm.

His name is Smile Chen and he works at the concierge at Jing Lun Hotel in Beijing.

I checked out this morning and was ready to go and get myself a taxi to the airport when he appeared in front of me and asked me where I needed to go.

He then took my luggage, asked me to stand by the revolving door and wait, explaining that it is very hot outside therefore better for me to stay inside the lobby and wait.

When these two other people tried to jump the queue and take my taxi, (this is China after all, queuing isn’t exactly a strong point for the people here, in my experience), Smile stopped them and escorted me and my luggage to the taxi meant for me.

I thanked him and gave him a big tip and a big smile.
And he wished me a safe journey.

Maybe he did it for the tip, maybe he just does his job with 200%.
In Chinese I would say he is very 認真, and I have yet to find an English word/ phrase that could translate this attitude.

Anyway, he made my day.
And he helped me leave Beijing with a very positive impression.


4th July, 2013 – Biggest parking lot in China

Today I am thankful that I am staying within walking distance of my workplace for the day.
I am also thankful that the rain stopped when I had to walk without an umbrella.

It’s really quite amazing to see an entire city come to a complete standstill.
None of the cars were moving. At all.
Not sure how everyone copes.

The taxi drivers must be the most patient bunch of people.