16th October, 2013 – 10 out of 10

You said to me.
You are my 10 out of 10.

There are many ways to say I love you.
That is one of many that you chose.



8th October, 2013 – Random niceness

On my way home from work, I met the sweetest taxi driver.
Not only was he polite, he also wished me and my family good luck when I got out of the taxi.

It was random, but surprisingly nice.
Really made my day.

Tomorrow I am going to return the favour to the universe.


6th October, 2013 – Conversations that go far far away

We walked past a shop that sold beautiful suitcases.
I said I’d love one of the square ones but I’m not sure what I could use it for…
That’s when the conversation went on a crazy spin as we imagined what we could use the suitcase for.

I love conversations that go far far away….


5th October, 2013 – The All Knowing Mum

In my daughter’s eyes, I am the All Knowing Mum.

Whenever she needs to know something, she would consult her walking encyclopedia, human dictionary and her source of all information – her mother.

The questions range from…
1. Where did you get these pens?
2. What times does the post office open?
3. If I get buried up to my head in wet concrete, would I survive if it hardened?
4. How are rocks made?
5. What’s that song that dad likes?

The last one in that list was what I got tonight.
She even sang/ mumbled a part of it, expecting me to know.

Whenever I tell her that I don’t know the answer to some of her questions, she would say “But you’re my mum!”
In her view, mums know EVERYTHING.
Well, HER mum does. Or is supposed to.

I try.

That’s what parents do.
They try.
They would do everything in their ability for their children.


4th October, 2013 – Be that person

My Angry Gnome sent me this message today.
It made me smile.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things we think of doing that gives someone hope.
Sometimes it’s our mere presence that gives our friends courage to carry on.

And when someone does that for you, let them know.

I have always liked this quote,
“To the world you may be one person,
But to one person you may be the world,”

Be that person.


3rd October, 2013 – Hang out with me!

My daughter has a slight cold.
She has been taking some medicine for it.
And it has a strange effect on her…

She keeps asking me to “hang out” with her….

Not that I don’t like hanging out with her, but it’s just cute and funny the way she does it.
Like a big baby wanting extra affection.
I guess when you’re sick, you want some extra tender loving attention.
Perhaps that’s what her “hanging out” means?

When was the last time you “hung out” with a loved one?
Do YOU ask for some hanging out time when you need it?
I know I for one need to learn to ask for some more.

Hope everyone is healthy.
Take care as the season changes.

With love,


2nd October, 2013 – Best Dinner Ever

Tonight I cooked steak for dinner.
I did my best and even though I was not so pleased with it, someone else was.

My daughter came to the kitchen after dinner when I had just finished doing the dishes and said the sweetest words.

“That was the best dinner you have ever cooked Mum!”

I am a happy mother.


1st October, 2013 – I’m back

I needed a break, but I’m back.

It’s been a tumultuous summer.
Lots of changes.
And now with Autumn on its way, cooler nights and breezy mornings, I am ready to share again.

In spite of hiccups and challenges, I think I have a sweet marshmallow life.
I am surrounded by lovely people.
I have so much to offer the world.
I have my health.

Being thankful is really magical.