5th October, 2013 – The All Knowing Mum

In my daughter’s eyes, I am the All Knowing Mum.

Whenever she needs to know something, she would consult her walking encyclopedia, human dictionary and her source of all information – her mother.

The questions range from…
1. Where did you get these pens?
2. What times does the post office open?
3. If I get buried up to my head in wet concrete, would I survive if it hardened?
4. How are rocks made?
5. What’s that song that dad likes?

The last one in that list was what I got tonight.
She even sang/ mumbled a part of it, expecting me to know.

Whenever I tell her that I don’t know the answer to some of her questions, she would say “But you’re my mum!”
In her view, mums know EVERYTHING.
Well, HER mum does. Or is supposed to.

I try.

That’s what parents do.
They try.
They would do everything in their ability for their children.



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