Introvert Love Extrovert Love

The most basic and fundamental human need – to be loved.

Some of us are good at expressing it.
Some of us keep it all on the inside.

How do you demonstrate your love?
How do you express your need to be loved?


11th November, 2013 – Your Choice, Your Attitude

Why frown when you can smile?

Today an old friend of mine told me that he believes in smiling.
That a smile, sharing laughter and all that it brings is what life is about.

He emails me jokes all the time.
He calls me every so often to see if I am doing ok.
We have a laugh and share the silly things that we have observed.

I believe in smiling too.
What do you believe in?


Phuket Holiday

I have been away on a much needed and much anticipated holiday in Phuket.
My daughter, her boyfriend, two of my best friends and their families all came along.
There were ten of us altogether and we shared a lovely villa with a private pool for five days.

Best thing about a holiday for me is to have time to read.
And recently I am enthralled by The Game of Thrones.

I also did a couple of doodles for my friends on this trip.