Love as a process.

When someone asks you,
“What is it that you like about me?”
It’s both the easiest and the hardest question to answer.

All I could come up with was, “I like your smell.”

Then you told me,
“This is what I like about you – the process of getting to know you.”
“All the little things put together.”

Love is a process.



More than love.

People have many names for that important person in their life.

Husband. Wife.
Boyfriend. Girlfriend.
Significant Other.
The list goes on.

I like to call you my 知己 – a word that means “confidante” in Chinese.
When you look at the Chinese characters, 知 means to know, and 己 means self.

Someone who knows me.

You are someone who knows me the way I love to be known.
And I know you the way you know me.

This is my Valentine’s gift to you.
More than love, we have history.
We have each other.