Transformational vs Transactional

Over the past few days, I have had a number of discussions with different people on the often talked about topic of relationships.

I have come to realise that most relationships in life, are transactional.
You do this, then I will do that.
If you can be this, then I can be that.
If I am this, then you are that.

Sometimes, we meet people who transform us.
People who inspire us to be more.

Someone who challenges your notion of what love or friendship means.
Someone who mentors you, inspires you or questions you.

Someone who makes you want to be more.
Be better, be stronger and be YOU.

Thank you for being in my life.



Fierce Mama

Yesterday I was Snapchatting my daughter.
I still had my curlers in my hair and was making all sorts of faces.
(As you do, when Snapchatting …)

There was one photo where I thought I looked pretty fierce.
A selfie that was “shareworthy”, if there is even such a word.

Once I posted it on Facebook, I got lots of LIKES and my friends commented on how the photo is very “ME”.

It was interesting to know how my friends perceived me.
And I thought I’d make a doodle version of it.
And also share it here on my blog.

Fierce Mama with curlers on and ready to take on the world!



Simple pleasures.

It was strange flying today.
People at the airport were either talking about or reading about the missing Malaysian Airline flight.
I did have a few morbid thoughts along the way but I have too much to live for and eventually my thoughts went back to how grateful I am to be here, on my way to do work that I love.

I am thankful for…
1. Arriving safely in Taipei.
2. A nice taxi driver who stayed awake! (He did scare me a bit when he started to drift and swerve…)
3. Being alive. (Please refer to no.2)
4. The nice and clean hotel that I stay in whenever I come to Taipei.
5. Dedicated artists who create beautiful work, from handmade soaps to delicate jewelry.
6. Yummy night market food!
7. Refreshing green tea with a dash of fresh grapefruit.
8. Finding a Mother’s Day present.
9. Hot baths.
10. Writing.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my doodles.
I’m back in the mood to draw again!