So Far So Close

Thanks to the internet, I could spend time with my daughter this weekend.

She has lots of work to do for her university studies, and I just kept her company while she did her work.

We also learnt a new word, PENUMBRA.

I enjoyed this weekend very much.


Your #1 Fan

I remember reading somewhere that the ratio of positive to negative comments/ feedback/ interactions should be 5:1.
This is the secret to happy relationships, more effective teams and personal development.

So, here is positive feedback #1 from me to you.


You feeling better?

Sometimes, three little words can make your day.

No. Not “I love you”.
But words asking after you.
Words wanting to know if you’re better.
Words demonstrating tenderness, care and of course, love.

Today, those three little words came from you.
“You feeling better?”

Instantly better.
Better than ever.
My three little words back to you.
Better than ever.