Year End Goal Setting and our Crazy List

Yesterday Beatrice and I did some goal setting for work.

We also made a crazy list for all the wonderful things we want to happen in 2015.

Half the fun is in the planning and dreaming and anticipating.

Have you done yours?


Stray Balloon

My dog Pepper chased after a stray balloon today.
Then a gust of wind blew the balloon onto the road.

We both stood and watched.
And it felt like a rather sad scene.

I think I have watched too many artsy movies that can make even a balloon feel sad.
But then, I have used the balloon as a symbol of myself quite a bit in the past, perhaps I saw something of myself in that stray balloon today.

Life sends gusts of wind that blows you helplessly into directions unknown.


Who do you tell?

The saddest and shortest story in the world:

This person had a story, but no one to tell it to.

The end.


We need to tell our stories.
And we yearn to be heard.
Yet who do we tell our stories to?

This series of drawings were inspired by recent events.