A Moment in Time

This evening I witnessed someone make a decision.

And often we see decisions as life changing. 

Like that movie Sliding Doors, determining the rest of your life by a choice you made.

And the endless debates I have had with people on the difference between a decision and a choice, often makes me wonder about the power we place or reliquish whenever decisions/ choices are concerned.

Then you said to me, it’s never life changing, it’s just a moment in time.

It got me thinking.

Our lives are changing, in each moment in time.

As the saying goes, the only thing that doesn’t change is that everything changes.

So why do we take decisions so heavily. Why do we weigh ourselves down with the anxieties of having to choose?

It’s a beautiful reminder. It’s just a moment in time. 

Everything changes. 

And that will never change. 


Would you know…?

Perhaps it really is the weather, people are gloomy and depressed around me.

Perhaps it’s this thing called romance/ love.

People offering up their hearts and wanting to know if it is reciprocated.

People offering up their hearts and wondering if they will be loved.

I offer no advice. 

Just a drawing. Sadly inspired by your misery…