Melancholia or Humidity?


Rainy hot humid season.

Not my favourite.

Other people find Autumn and Winter melancholic.

Summer depresses me.

The heat. The humidity. The heaviness in the air.

It’s hard to breathe.

Like wading through a fog. My head feels thick.

I’d rather have the heavy rain from last week.

Thankfully the forecast is for rain this weekend. 

Please let it POUR.



A Simple Request

Timing is important, she realised.

She wanted to undo the request, but it was too late.

I should have made a different request, she thought.

Simple as they were, the effort involved in making these requests made her throat constrict.

And then she remembers.

Those were your words. 

You had asked me the same thing.

I want you to be happy. 

You’d think this was the sweetest thing anyone could say to you.

Yet it made your throat constrict.

Being happy is a huge request.