The Art of Doing Nothing – part 2

Last weekend, I discovered something interesting for myself.

I gave myself permission to “do nothing” all weekend.

Even posted on Facebook that that was my plan. To do nothing.

So having no pressure to do anything at all, not a single weekend to-do list, and not even the intention to do my usual fanatical laundry/ ironing/ cleaning the house and rearranging all my furniture kind of day, I felt really light and free.

And then…

I did some drawings.

I went to the movies and watched The Martian.

I met a friend for dinner and made new plans for a new project.

I read.

I gave my dog a bath.

I sorted, cleaned and reorganized my entire jewellery/ accessories collection. 

I finsihed a small side project that I had been doing.

I did a whole bunch of research on neuroscience and epigenetics and ended up watching hours of TED talks.

The Art of Doing Nothing. 

Or perhaps I should say, allowing yourself to do nothing can be liberating and much more motivating than having a big list of what you think you should/ need/ ought to be doing.

Now I just have to try it again several times to see if this magic really works. And if you are keen to give it a go, do let me know how it worked for you!