They cry a lot.

Most of the time they cry because they are hungry, wet, lonely, in pain or just want your attention.

Then there are times when they cannot be soothed.

No matter what. They just cry.

When you grow up, you are expected to stop doing that.

When you grow up, you are expected to be able to able to explain your every mood and emotional reaction.

Why are you angry?

Why are you sad?

Why did you react this way or that way?

Then there are times when we just fucking react and perhaps don’t have an explanation.

Tonight I tried to explain/ analyze/ figure out my abruptly violent emotional reaction to a joke and I failed miserably.

I am sitting here wondering why and whether or not some psycho analysis would even yield an answer.

Perhaps I was simply being a baby and having an unsoothable moment where I just want to have all the emotions in the world and have no explanation for it. 

Or I could file it under hormones. A perfectly logical explanation.

One of those days…

Today has been one of those days.

Anxiety gnaws at you like a dull ache you cannot shake.

Everything always works out fine in the end.

Then why is it that we need to torture ourselves with such useless emotions?

(Drawing from back in 2012. A recurring theme.)

My Sea to Your Shore

Like sea to the shore.

High tide, low tide.

Up close. Far away.

Ebb and flow.

Love is knowing that there are bright days and dark nights.

Love is knowing that oceans exist because there are shores.

What’s your word?

Last week I posted my daughter’s word for her 2017 – shine.

Then my friend Fen commented that her word for 2017 is “kindness”.

So here is a doodle for Fen, and everyone else who would like to make kindness a daily habit, a way of life, and their religion.

Happy 2017!

This year, inspired by Marie Kondo’s book on tidying up, my focus will be on these two little words: spark joy.

Only do things that spark joy.

Only keep things that spark joy.

Only purchase items that spark joy.

Be with people who spark joy.

Eat food that sparks joy!

What are your words for 2017?