A life so luminous. In words. And in doodles.

An apprentice in many areas – being a mother, being a coach and being a Stoic.

Luminosity, Light and Love – words I live by.

My name is Cara and this is a collection of my doodles, lists and other bits and pieces to chronicle my life in love, light and luminosity.


And thank you for dropping by.

A Life So Luminous Facebook Page – Like it? Like it!

I also have a YouTube Channel, mostly drawing processes so far

A Life So Luminous YouTube Channel

All my doodles are created using the iPad app Paper by 53.




37 thoughts on “About

  1. Very inspiring… Soft but intriguing, always make you think more. Less is more, simple is best. Really love your work Cara, it always give me a smile.

  2. Hi Cara,
    Your draws are really excellent. I prepare gift for my girlfriend but unfortunately i couldn’t find any image as i want. If there isn’t any problem for you, could you make a draw for me?

      • Thank you for your attention.

        I imagine a dream planet which has some lovely building on there and some couples. (It doesn’t have to be too detailed, when she look at The planet if she understand The planet is lovely and dreamful that is enough for me) I and my gf travel to this planet in spaceship. That is what i imagine.

        Thank you again πŸ™‚

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