Where did my Sleep go?

The one night you try to sleep early.
The night before you have to get up early.
You even did some sleepy time yoga.
You made sure you did not have any caffeine after 12 noon.
You had a bath.
You read.
You kept the TV off.

You're in a strange bed.
In a hotel.
Even with your blankie there, it happens.

Your Sleep disappeared.
It just vanished.
One minute it was right there, within reach.
The next moment, gone.

And here you are, drawing, writing, reading some more.
Hoping Sleep would somehow come crawling back.
And soon, not at 3am…

One of those days…

Today has been one of those days.

Anxiety gnaws at you like a dull ache you cannot shake.

Everything always works out fine in the end.

Then why is it that we need to torture ourselves with such useless emotions?

(Drawing from back in 2012. A recurring theme.)

Good Morning

All they had left were a few simple words.

A few simple words were all that they needed.

A Moment in Time

This evening I witnessed someone make a decision.

And often we see decisions as life changing. 

Like that movie Sliding Doors, determining the rest of your life by a choice you made.

And the endless debates I have had with people on the difference between a decision and a choice, often makes me wonder about the power we place or reliquish whenever decisions/ choices are concerned.

Then you said to me, it’s never life changing, it’s just a moment in time.

It got me thinking.

Our lives are changing, in each moment in time.

As the saying goes, the only thing that doesn’t change is that everything changes.

So why do we take decisions so heavily. Why do we weigh ourselves down with the anxieties of having to choose?

It’s a beautiful reminder. It’s just a moment in time. 

Everything changes. 

And that will never change. 

Would you know…?

Perhaps it really is the weather, people are gloomy and depressed around me.

Perhaps it’s this thing called romance/ love.

People offering up their hearts and wanting to know if it is reciprocated.

People offering up their hearts and wondering if they will be loved.

I offer no advice. 

Just a drawing. Sadly inspired by your misery…

Stray Balloon

My dog Pepper chased after a stray balloon today.
Then a gust of wind blew the balloon onto the road.

We both stood and watched.
And it felt like a rather sad scene.

I think I have watched too many artsy movies that can make even a balloon feel sad.
But then, I have used the balloon as a symbol of myself quite a bit in the past, perhaps I saw something of myself in that stray balloon today.

Life sends gusts of wind that blows you helplessly into directions unknown.


Who do you tell?

The saddest and shortest story in the world:

This person had a story, but no one to tell it to.

The end.


We need to tell our stories.
And we yearn to be heard.
Yet who do we tell our stories to?

This series of drawings were inspired by recent events.