Appreciation Day 12/28

On a warm, sunny winter’s day, we went to fetch my niece from school.

There were pretty spring flowers along the way, and it was lovely to see all the happy faces coming out of school after a busy day.

Most of all, to see that one special little face emerge, happy and excited that I get to come and fetch her from school.

Appreciation Day 11/28

I showed my niece Chloe my recent drawings, and she said, I want to watch you draw.

So I drew a doodle of myself, then she said, now add a sunflower next to you!

She told me that she is my sunflower, always smiling.

I am thankful to have this little girl in my life.

Appreciation Day 9/28

I have joined the backpack brigade.

After complaining about a sore back, my daughter suggested I try using a small backpack on my days off and travel days to alleviate the stress on my shoulders.

And now I love my backpack!

Appreciation Day 5/28

I appreciate modern technology.

The air purifier that you strongly encouraged me to get has made a world of difference.

I no longer wake up sneezing. My breathing is so much better.

And even my little dog has not been wheezing as she used to.

Thank you!

Appreciation Day 2/28

Love is undivided attention.

You have no idea how much I appreciate yours.

And you have mine, always.

Drawing Love

I love to draw.

I draw love.

I love.

I draw.

Your Love Language

Little Stoic Warrior

I overheard a conversation between a little boy and his little brother today whilst walking along the subway platform, they were holding hands.

I will let the pictures tell you this very short story.