First World Problem

Hotel rooms.

The knobs and buttons for all the various lighting fixtures in hotel rooms will forever remain a mystery to me.

Trying to switch them all off simultaneously so that I can sleep in complete darkness is always a challenge.

Me and my first world problems.

Where did my Sleep go?

The one night you try to sleep early.
The night before you have to get up early.
You even did some sleepy time yoga.
You made sure you did not have any caffeine after 12 noon.
You had a bath.
You read.
You kept the TV off.

You're in a strange bed.
In a hotel.
Even with your blankie there, it happens.

Your Sleep disappeared.
It just vanished.
One minute it was right there, within reach.
The next moment, gone.

And here you are, drawing, writing, reading some more.
Hoping Sleep would somehow come crawling back.
And soon, not at 3am…

Noise and Peace

Sometimes the noisiest places can offer the most peace.

Tonight I managed to work quietly on my own in a blues bar blasting Eric Clapton.

I hope you managed to find peace in this noise.

Tired – Day 98 – September 25, 2014

6:00 wake up
6:45 breakfast
7:30 preparation
8:00 workshop starts
17:00 workshop ends
17:30 dinner
18:20 headache sets in
19:00 depart hotel
20:30 train delayed
22:00 train leaves Guangzhou (finally)
24:00 arrive Hong Kong (finally)
00:30 shower, painkillers
00:50 bed, half dead

I was grateful for the amazing workshop though.
A powerful storytelling circle.
A group of genuine young people.
A transformative experience.

That’s why I was so tired.


Simple pleasures – an early night

Working away from home.
Staying in hotels.
Foreign bed, strange pillows.

My one simple pleasure is an early night.
No other distractions mean I can switch off, black out the night and just sleep.

Good night everyone! Sweet dreams!


Simple pleasures.

It was strange flying today.
People at the airport were either talking about or reading about the missing Malaysian Airline flight.
I did have a few morbid thoughts along the way but I have too much to live for and eventually my thoughts went back to how grateful I am to be here, on my way to do work that I love.

I am thankful for…
1. Arriving safely in Taipei.
2. A nice taxi driver who stayed awake! (He did scare me a bit when he started to drift and swerve…)
3. Being alive. (Please refer to no.2)
4. The nice and clean hotel that I stay in whenever I come to Taipei.
5. Dedicated artists who create beautiful work, from handmade soaps to delicate jewelry.
6. Yummy night market food!
7. Refreshing green tea with a dash of fresh grapefruit.
8. Finding a Mother’s Day present.
9. Hot baths.
10. Writing.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my doodles.
I’m back in the mood to draw again!


You’ll still be here tomorrow

I’m in Taiwan.
I’m also very lucky to be one of my niece’s favourite persons in the world.

This morning she said to me,
“You will still be here tomorrow, that’s so great.”

Love is letting them know that their presence is felt, wanted and appreciated.
When was the last time you told someone that it’s so great that they will still be there tomorrow?

It’s a very sweet thing to say.