Your Way of Saying I Love You

According to Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, the five ways to experience and express love are:

1. Giving/ Receiving gifts

2. Quality Time

3. Words of Affirmation

4. Acts of Service

5. Physical Touch

How about a song? Would that come under gifts?

And what if the lyrics are very sweet and meaningful? Would that be words of affirmation?

What about the time spent listening and enjoying the song that was shared? Would that be quality time too?

Perhaps it does not matter at all, because I felt loved.

That is all that matters.


Priority vs. Option

Sometimes you have conversations which do not seem all that significant in that moment.

Afterwards, you take a moment to reflect upon what had been said, and not said.

And then a revelation smacks you right in the face.

Goes to show that communication takes a range of skills.

These skills include actually paying attention, and reflection afterwards.







Receiving and Letting Go

Stoic Lesson from Marcus Aurelius.

Things, titles, praise, adulation…

They come and they go.

Enjoy the moment.

And be ready to let go at any time.


I went to the bookstore again today.

Came home with three books.

My purpose there was not just to purchase books.

I also went to have a coffee today.

Drank a lovely little cup of coffee.

My purpose there was not just to drink coffee.

I went and did a bunch of things today.

Accomplished several tasks and errands.

But my purpose was not to complete tasks and run errands.



They cry a lot.

Most of the time they cry because they are hungry, wet, lonely, in pain or just want your attention.

Then there are times when they cannot be soothed.

No matter what. They just cry.

When you grow up, you are expected to stop doing that.

When you grow up, you are expected to be able to able to explain your every mood and emotional reaction.

Why are you angry?

Why are you sad?

Why did you react this way or that way?

Then there are times when we just fucking react and perhaps don’t have an explanation.

Tonight I tried to explain/ analyze/ figure out my abruptly violent emotional reaction to a joke and I failed miserably.

I am sitting here wondering why and whether or not some psycho analysis would even yield an answer.

Perhaps I was simply being a baby and having an unsoothable moment where I just want to have all the emotions in the world and have no explanation for it. 

Or I could file it under hormones. A perfectly logical explanation.

Only the courageous … stand out.

Drew this back in 2012.
Tomorrow is the Super Moon Full Eclipse, and astrologists all say it is a time for change, for being assertive and for saying what you have been meaning to say.

Astrology might all be self fulfilling prophecies, but then there is no harm in being courageous with yourself.

Stand up. Be courageous. Be outstanding. Stand out.

Source: Only the courageous … stand out.

Stealth Mode

Margaret Thatcher once said (apparently), “Power is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”


Let’s go stealth mode.

Let’s be secretly awesome, incredible and downright stupendous. 

Because we are. Shhhh.