3rd July, 2013 – Bitchy Resting Face

I’m just thankful to arrive safely and ready for tomorrow’s big day.

It would be nice if fellow travelers knew how to control their speaking volume so I would not have to bring out my bitchy resting face.



Day 156 – November 3, 2012

1. I am thankful for finding a lovely quiet cafe in Shimokitazawa where I enjoyed a quiet and delicious lunch.

2. I am thankful for my great discoveries today – second hand kimono jacket, fit curve scissors (new Japanese invention) and beautiful calendars for 2013.

3. I am grateful for the lovely party at this amazing venue tonight – 37 floors up overlooking Tokyo Bay.

4. I am thankful that my old friends from Sophia University were there tonight, they were all very genki!

5. I am thankful to know that people I have not seen for almost 20 years are still sweet as they were all those years before.

6. I am thankful for having such wonderful friends.

7. I am grateful that I can enjoy a city of memories on my own and still create new ones.

8. I am thankful that I am staying with such a sweet couple – Jake and Nathalie.

9. I am grateful that I can be your listener.

10. I am very grateful that we are on each others’ “list”.

Beautiful New Zealand

My Top 10 List for New Zealand

1. Blanket of stars

2. Kiwi hospitality

2. Beautiful Mount Taranaki

3. Amazing clouds

4. Breathtaking sunsets

5. Grain Waves

6. Clean public toilets

7. Free museums

8. Fresh air

9. Delicious clean water

10. Jaffas (orange coated chocolate balls)

What tops it all off is that my daughter made everything special, extra special.

Reluctantly, I said bye bye to New Zealand.
And flew back to reality.


A Road Trip So Luminous

Nadia, Bradley and I are going on a road trip on the next few days.
So I may be off the Internet radar due to lack of Internet connectivity.

I will keep doodling along the way though!
Wish us luck for decent weather along the way!

Here is a list of what we packed for the trip:
1. A large packet of pick n’ mix (lollies!!!)

2. Chocolate

3. Two large water bottles filled with… water

4. Two packets of Grain Waves (my favourite NZ snack)

5. iPod – fully charged

6. GPS – lovingly borrowed from Kirsty

7. Neck pillow

8. Change of clothes

9. Book (just in case)

10. iPad for luminous doodling


A Holiday so Luminous

I am going on my first real holiday this year.
Almost two weeks in beautiful Aotearoa, otherwise known as New Zealand.

My daughter still can’t believe I am actually going there.
She said she will only believe it when I arrive.
I am excited about seeing her, her friends and also being surrounded by nature and crisp fresh air again.

For my 12 hour flight to Auckland, I have prepared…

1. A book to read – Getting Things Done by David Allen

2. iPad – for doodles, games, magazine reading, music

3. Comfy cotton neck pillow from Muji for a good night’s sleep

4. Comfy cotton eye mask also from Muji for complete blackout

5. Noise cancellation headphones for complete silence

6. Chuppa Chup lollipops for earaches

7. Cotton socks for cold feet

8. Woolen jersey for warmth

9. Hand and face cream for dry in flight air

10. Aromatherapy oil for any kind of in flight discomfort

And of course, a light heart and a smile for a happy flight all the way.