16th July, 2013 – A Smile Away

Today, I am thankful for…

1. Reconnecting with two special friends.
2. Feeling renewed and inspired.
3. Getting a surprise phone call from an old friend.

I will never get tired of saying how amazing it is when the right people, the right opportunity or the right thing appears in my life like magic just when I needed them most.

And as my doodle illustrates, these people are never far away.

You never know who might be smiling back.



Happiness is … holding a small baby in your arms.

Lucien, six months old, came to visit our office today.

A fat cuddly chubby bundle of cuteness and baby scent.

Happiness is holding a little tiny person in your arms and just enjoying the sheer thrill of cuddling a life so young and so curious.

Even when he threw up on me, it was ok.


Day 110 – September 18, 2012

1. I am thankful for how things turned out smoothly for me today – as always, my worries were for nothing. Why worry?

2. I am grateful for the hard work my colleagues are putting in to make sure everything will go well for us this weekend.

3. I am thankful for the nice lunch break we had today – filled with laughs.

4. I am grateful to have the chance to go on a meeting with Olivier again. I miss the great partnership we have when we face clients.

5. I am thankful for the pleasant evening temperature – I enjoyed a nice walk from my work to my tango evening at the Helena May.

6. I am so thankful for the support we are getting for our tango club – the atmosphere is warm and enjoyable.

7. I am grateful for my friend Simon’s generosity and big heart – sharing his knowledge and experience.

8. I am grateful that my mother calls me for a chat when she is feeling down.

9. I am thankful for being able to FEEL the beautiful tango music through dancing with you!

10. Thank you for responding. 愛の苦しみが、生きていることの証。

Day 108 – September 16, 2012

1. I am grateful for waking up happy.

2. I am thankful that my mother gave me timely advice that helped through a conundrum.

3. I am grateful that I can let go of my own desire to be right.

4. I am thankful for the pleasant weather today – still warm but with hints of autumn.

5. I am grateful for the lovely tram ride today – I listened to stories on podcast and felt very happy.

6. I am thankful that I have a daughter to share laughing matter that I would not otherwise share with anyone else – because she “gets” me.

7. I am grateful that I have wicked friends who have a wicked sense of humour.

8. I am thankful for the Zen Buddhist advice that my friend Jake shared on Facebook tonight – Eat when hungry, drink when thirsty and sleep when tired. ( I am hoping to chalk up enough karmic points in this life so I can be a cat in my next life in order to do just that.)

9. I am thankful that I have amazing friends who do amazing things.

10. I am thankful that I have super supportive colleagues who do super supportive things!