Little Blue Bird

My first ever pet was a little bird.
(I think I had a duckling as a small child but those memories are hazy.)
So my official first pet is the bird.

And I have always liked birds.
With my new PENCIL, I was experimenting and drew this little blue bird.
I hope one day I’d be able to do a better job.



Hug Analysis

A perfect hug – sincere, full body contact, arms wound tight around each other, lift and a gentle squeeze.

What’s your definition of a perfect hug?


Day 235 – January 25, 2013

Woohoo, it’s Friday.
On this day I am thankful for…

1. Waking up early enough to get ready in spite of how crappy I felt.

2. My colleague picking me up in a taxi so I won’t have to worry about catching one.

3. Enjoying a nice coffee time with my colleague before the day started.

4. A very enjoyable workshop on Change and Growth through Emotional Intelligence.

5. Having participants in the workshop who are enthusiastic and participative.

6. Having colleagues in my workshop who got a lot out of the morning.

7. Knowing my daughter is able to protect her grandparents from aggressive people touting at tourist spots.

8. My daughter and her grandparents had a nice time in Macau.

9. Enjoying a very nice Japanese dinner with the family.

10. Our sweet quality time together.

What more can I ask for?
I am a very lucky woman.