Darkness vs Black Hole

Sundays are tough for people who are sad.

It is the one day before the week starts again.

It is the day you feel obliged to make the most of.

It is the day when the world expects you to be happy.

And yet, it is often the saddest day of the week for you when you are sad.

Sadness need not be a black hole that swallows you and everything that goes with it.

Sadness is darkness.

All it takes is a match, a torch, or a lone star to light your way back.

I love the darkness for it shows me the stars. And the moon.

I hope this makes you smile in your darkness too, if you are having a particularly sad Sunday.


Why a Life So Luminous?

Darkness and light.
The Dark Side and the Force.
I have always liked thought, quotes and writings that discuss these two seemingly opposing forces but really complementary energies.
Without one, you won’t have the other.

A life so luminous also has a dark side.
And it’s a side that I appreciate.

As Og Mandino says,”it shows me the stars.”