10th July, 2013 – Up in the Air

I have been flying to different cities every week for nine consecutive weeks now.
A new personal record.

And as I looked out my window today, on my Cathay Pacific flight 711 to Singapore, the fluffy white clouds made me want to draw a very childish doodle – a typical childhood fantasy of bouncing from cloud to cloud, puff to puff.

Did you have the same daydream too?



Day 143 – October 21, 2012

1. I am thankful for hot showers.

2. I am thankful for waking up naturally on a Sunday – meaning I had slept well.

3. I am grateful for being safely indoors during a thunderstorm and being able to enjoy the tremendous noise it makes.

4. I am thankful for an indulgent champagne brunch with Phil and his friends and the little kiddies – eight hours later I am still feeling full.

5. I am grateful for big and extensive bookstores – who doesn’t love bookstores?

6. I am thankful for finding my favourite Japanese Midori brand diary for 2013!!!

7. I am grateful for sweet little happy moments that make me smile.

8. I am thankful that I have started daydreaming again.

9. I am grateful for super early nights spent drawing doodles and reading books.

10. I am thankful that there is space in my head and in my heart.