To the rescue…

It’s not so much a princess fantasy, but more from concern that my little dog would be left completely helpless…

I have a fear of dying from my asthma attacks.

So I am thankful that I have friends who check on me regularly, and they are committed to breaking down my front door if the time comes (well, they would have my spare keys, but let’s make it a big more dramatic) so that they can rescue my dog, and perhaps me too, if it isn’t already too late.

This is not meant to be morbid. It’s meant to be appreciative.

I feel very special to have people who would do that for me.

And I am glad I can have conversations like this with them.


Little Things #1

Little things in life.

A series.

This is #1.

Day 336 & 337 – May 6 & 7, 2013

Having a heavy Peking style dinner on a Monday evening means a sleepless Monday night.
Thankfully, I made it through my big Tuesday workshop.

I am also grateful for…

1. A happy evening celebrating my friend Triny’s engagement.

2. Brutal honesty and the quality of being human Teflon – some things are not meant to stick.

3. The support work that my colleagues do behind the scenes.

4. A very successful workshop in spite of the politics involved.

5. Revisiting a great little cafe that serves great coffee.

6. Seeing the kids in a great happy mood.

7. Thinking about a holiday.

8. Funny conversations.

9. Great tandas at tango.

10. The beautiful time I have had at the Helena May, dancing tango. Thank you.

The Helena May.
I will miss the chandeliers.


Day 304 – April 4, 2013

Happy Children’s Day!

It’s a holiday here in Hong Kong today – Ching Ming Festival.
My daughter felt ill at 4:00 and none of us got much sleep, so it was a quiet stay at home day.

Today I am thankful for…

1. Finally getting my daughter to sleep so she could rest and get well.

2. My daughter waking up later on feeling much improved.

3. Grocery shopping and saving money by being smart!

4. My neighborhood green grocer’s for all the fresh vegetables and fruit.

5. Cooking a yummy meal at home and enough to pack for lunches tomorrow!

6. Deciding to go to bed super early to pay back my sleep deficit.

7. Going back to work tomorrow for one more day before the weekend again!

8. Your sweet reply.

9. My daydreams and my nightmares.

10. Possibilities.

Sleep is the best meditation.
Dalai Lama.


Day 287 – March 18, 2013

The secret to happiness?
Do all things with love.

Today, I am thankful for these things that I could do with love…

1. Going to work bright and early and with a light heart.

2. Deliver a full day workshop with great gusto and enjoyment.

3. Enjoy a home made lunch at work and have a brief chat with everyone in the office.

4. Do grocery shopping with my two big babies (both are 18!) after work.

5. Cook dinner for my two big babies.

6. Prepare our lunch boxes for tomorrow.

7. Do the dishes so we wake up to a clean and tidy kitchen.

8. Brush Puppy Pepper’s silky hair and remove all her tangles.

9. Watch Pepper enjoy her newly made little sofa bed – thank you Bradley!

10. Know that I have had an exhausting but productive day.


Tokyo – 11・05・2012 – part two – Getting Lost

I got lost.

And I was so happy and grateful that I could speak enough Japanese to at least ask for help.

A very nice little old man and his dog, Sakura a.k.a Cherry, showed me the way.

Enormous gratitude for the kindness of strangers.
Thank you.