Appreciation Day 4/28

A nice glass of Prosecco solves everything.

I love it.


My Keep Cup

This is not an ad.

My Keep Cup has been one of the best investments when it comes to my effort in minimising waste.

It is made of glass, so my coffee still tastes great as I don’t like drinking out of plastic.

I highly recommend Keep Cups if you are also trying to create less waste.

Small Things

It’s a good day to be thankful for those small things in life.

I am not talking about a tiny wild flower, or a smile from a child.

I’d like to be thankful for jalapeños.

Those tiny green spicy bombs that make your mouth explode and your eyes cry.

How do you like your jalapeños?

Do you like them at all? 


Sacher Squares from Hotel Sacher Wien

A beautiful little square of chocolate decadence.

A local from Vienna told me that the squares are far better than the more famous cakes as they are more moist and therefore no need to eat them accompanied with whipped cream.

Beautifully presented as well.
Love it.




2nd October, 2013 – Best Dinner Ever

Tonight I cooked steak for dinner.
I did my best and even though I was not so pleased with it, someone else was.

My daughter came to the kitchen after dinner when I had just finished doing the dishes and said the sweetest words.

“That was the best dinner you have ever cooked Mum!”

I am a happy mother.


Day 343 – May 13, 2013

After a year of wishing and planning, we have achieved our Taiwan Zenlinx trip!

I am thankful for…

1. The hard work that my colleague and friend Beatrice put into making this possible.

2. The fairly decent flight to Taiwan on Hong Kong Airlines.

3. Time for a good breakfast before the flight.

4. Taiwan’s High Speed Rail Service.

5. My brother and his family coming to pick us up from the train station.

6. Seeing Chloe again!

7. A great SIM card service with unlimited data plan!

8. Having dinner with my family.

9. Hot bath!

10. A great start to our Taiwan week.


Day 251 ~ Day 260 – February 10 ~ 19, 2013

In the last 10 days, I have been enjoying a lovely time in Taiwan with my family for Chinese New Year.

So I am back again, with a condensed list for the past 10 days.

I am thankful for…

1. My family members’ health and happiness.

2. My mother’s cooking – how I have missed it.

3. Happy Birthday celebrations for my father (78 years young) and my niece (5 years old).

4. My brother – my one and only sibling – he makes me laugh, cry and realize that sharing DNA goes a lot further than just looking like each other.

5. My stepfather Hilton – the quiet steady rock.

6. Fun times – amusement parks, roller coasters, shopping, games…

7. Taiwanese food – spicy hot pots, bubble tea and street side snacks.

8. Unexpected sweetness in the form of a simple question.

9. My daughter and her boyfriend – just so easy to be with.

10. Time to stop, time to think and time to just be.

I have missed making my lists.
It feels good to be back!


Blues skies of the eternally sunny Taichung city of Taiwan.


Blossoms – Spring in Taiwan – taken at West Lake Park in Taichung.


Day 247 ~ Day 250 – February 6 ~ February 9, 2013

Came to Taiwan for our Chinese New Year holiday and have very limited internet access.

It is Chinese New Year’s Eve and I will make my gratitude list here before we welcome in the Year of the Snake.

Over the last few days I am thankful for:

1. Arriving happily and safely in Taiwan.

2. Having a loving family near me.

3. Fun times with my sweet little niece.

4. Nadia and Bradley both enjoying their time here in Taiwan.

5. The craziness of Taiwan and all the great food, especially spicy hot pot!

6. Sleeping well, resting well and just being in the moment.

7. Having great friends in my life.

8. Being surrounded by love.

9. The wonderful weather here for us.

10. Your sweet messages.

Day 239 – January 29, 2013

Tuesday – my usual Tango Day.

On this day I am thankful for…

1. A wonderful day at work – I have such a fun group of people that I work with.

2. Knowing that my decision is right – and I am being supported.

3. A surprise present – the Law of Attraction working its magic – I got a beautiful mirror!

4. Conversations on movies – hearing other people’s opinions.

5. Having some time on my own with my own thoughts.

6. A very chatty niece who was so excited to speak to me over the phone.

7. A very nice lunch at the Argentinean Steak House with my daughter.

8. My daughter – for coming to help out at the office.

9. That my lovely friend, neighbour and boss is on her way to recovery.

10. Knowing that I have so much more to give in life.