Peu á peu

Some days are just filled with as much frustration as there are things to be grateful for.

It’s better to find sweetness in those small moments than to let the disappointments get you down.

I can do this.


Treat Yo Self Part IV

November has been a very very busy month for me.

Lots of days/ nights away from home.

And my little dog has been well looked after by my dear friends while I am away.

Today I treated myself with a day spent with my Pepper.

Treat Yo Self Part III

We work.

We celebrate.

We have a lot of fun.

We treat ourselves!

Treat Yo Self Part II

“Students are the hardest working people on this planet.” – according to students.

They deserve every mini celebration!

This post features my daughter Nadia who is *working hard* on her university final exams.

With a special appearance from Wellington the Bear, a trusty long time companion.

Treat Yo Self Part I

Life is tough.

Life is also short.

I believe in mini-celebrations of success.

Even micro ones.

Nano ones.

First World Problem

Hotel rooms.

The knobs and buttons for all the various lighting fixtures in hotel rooms will forever remain a mystery to me.

Trying to switch them all off simultaneously so that I can sleep in complete darkness is always a challenge.

Me and my first world problems.

6th October, 2013 – Conversations that go far far away

We walked past a shop that sold beautiful suitcases.
I said I’d love one of the square ones but I’m not sure what I could use it for…
That’s when the conversation went on a crazy spin as we imagined what we could use the suitcase for.

I love conversations that go far far away….


10th July, 2013 – Up in the Air

I have been flying to different cities every week for nine consecutive weeks now.
A new personal record.

And as I looked out my window today, on my Cathay Pacific flight 711 to Singapore, the fluffy white clouds made me want to draw a very childish doodle – a typical childhood fantasy of bouncing from cloud to cloud, puff to puff.

Did you have the same daydream too?


4th July, 2013 – Biggest parking lot in China

Today I am thankful that I am staying within walking distance of my workplace for the day.
I am also thankful that the rain stopped when I had to walk without an umbrella.

It’s really quite amazing to see an entire city come to a complete standstill.
None of the cars were moving. At all.
Not sure how everyone copes.

The taxi drivers must be the most patient bunch of people.