Day 330-331 ~ April 30 – May 1, 2013

The best part about yesterday was knowing that today will be a holiday.
Labour Day – a much welcomed mid week break.

I am thankful for…

1. A very productive Tuesday.

2. Lots of people coming to dance at the Helena May.

3. A very nice birthday celebration for three colleagues born in May.

4. Feeling my muscles and my body ache.

5. Sleeping in on a Wednesday.

6. Hearing people compliment my daughter, and also her boyfriend.

7. Seeing my daughter at work, doing a great job.

8. Learning how to decorate cookies and cupcakes.

9. Exercising with my daughter.

10. Playing with my dog.

Today I went to the Open Day at my daughter’s work – Whisked Baking Studio.
It was quite fun learning how to decorate cupcakes, even though their main audience are kids, the adults had just as much fun.
Thank you Kathy and Nadia for a fun Wednesday afternoon.



Day 329 – April 29, 2013

Back to work Monday.

I am thankful for…

1. Regaining my energy for work.

2. New ideas being hatched up!

3. My closest friends both in for my idea!

4. N & B also keen!

5. Having something so wonderful and long over due to look forward to.

6. Exercising! Endorphins!

7. Taiwan week confirmed!

8. Adding colours to my life.

9. Drinking water.

10. Counting down the next 200 days.


Day 304 – April 4, 2013

Happy Children’s Day!

It’s a holiday here in Hong Kong today – Ching Ming Festival.
My daughter felt ill at 4:00 and none of us got much sleep, so it was a quiet stay at home day.

Today I am thankful for…

1. Finally getting my daughter to sleep so she could rest and get well.

2. My daughter waking up later on feeling much improved.

3. Grocery shopping and saving money by being smart!

4. My neighborhood green grocer’s for all the fresh vegetables and fruit.

5. Cooking a yummy meal at home and enough to pack for lunches tomorrow!

6. Deciding to go to bed super early to pay back my sleep deficit.

7. Going back to work tomorrow for one more day before the weekend again!

8. Your sweet reply.

9. My daydreams and my nightmares.

10. Possibilities.

Sleep is the best meditation.
Dalai Lama.


A Holiday so Luminous

I am going on my first real holiday this year.
Almost two weeks in beautiful Aotearoa, otherwise known as New Zealand.

My daughter still can’t believe I am actually going there.
She said she will only believe it when I arrive.
I am excited about seeing her, her friends and also being surrounded by nature and crisp fresh air again.

For my 12 hour flight to Auckland, I have prepared…

1. A book to read – Getting Things Done by David Allen

2. iPad – for doodles, games, magazine reading, music

3. Comfy cotton neck pillow from Muji for a good night’s sleep

4. Comfy cotton eye mask also from Muji for complete blackout

5. Noise cancellation headphones for complete silence

6. Chuppa Chup lollipops for earaches

7. Cotton socks for cold feet

8. Woolen jersey for warmth

9. Hand and face cream for dry in flight air

10. Aromatherapy oil for any kind of in flight discomfort

And of course, a light heart and a smile for a happy flight all the way.


Day 122 – September 30, 2012

1. I am thankful for a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed.

2. I am thankful that I got everything that I needed to bring with me to NZ.

3. I am thankful that I had a nice chat with my daughter and the sweet reminders she gave me before I embarked on my journey over to New Zealand.

4. I am thankful for the smooth arrival and procedures at the amazingly efficient Hong Kong International Airport.

5. I am grateful that I have this opportunity to go to New Zealand to see Nadia and her side of the world.

6. I am grateful that I have the freedom to travel.

7. I am thankful that I have the health and ability to travel alone.

8. I am grateful for these lovely introverted moments at airports while waiting to board.

9. I am grateful for the Internet because I can share my travel fun with my family and friends.

10. I am thankful for wifi! Especially free wifi!