Peu รก peu

Some days are just filled with as much frustration as there are things to be grateful for.

It’s better to find sweetness in those small moments than to let the disappointments get you down.

I can do this.


Thankful for Little Things that make a Big Difference

Ferries to Macau are unbelievably noisy.

A pair of noise cancellation headphones can make a world of difference.

Treat Yo Self Part III

We work.

We celebrate.

We have a lot of fun.

We treat ourselves!


I went to the bookstore again today.

Came home with three books.

My purpose there was not just to purchase books.

I also went to have a coffee today.

Drank a lovely little cup of coffee.

My purpose there was not just to drink coffee.

I went and did a bunch of things today.

Accomplished several tasks and errands.

But my purpose was not to complete tasks and run errands.

Day 336 & 337 – May 6 & 7, 2013

Having a heavy Peking style dinner on a Monday evening means a sleepless Monday night.
Thankfully, I made it through my big Tuesday workshop.

I am also grateful for…

1. A happy evening celebrating my friend Triny’s engagement.

2. Brutal honesty and the quality of being human Teflon – some things are not meant to stick.

3. The support work that my colleagues do behind the scenes.

4. A very successful workshop in spite of the politics involved.

5. Revisiting a great little cafe that serves great coffee.

6. Seeing the kids in a great happy mood.

7. Thinking about a holiday.

8. Funny conversations.

9. Great tandas at tango.

10. The beautiful time I have had at the Helena May, dancing tango. Thank you.

The Helena May.
I will miss the chandeliers.


Day 310 – April 10, 2013

Feeling so tired and I ache all over today.
Traveling to Singapore for work.
Finally can put my feet up and it’s almost 11 o’clock at night.

On this day, I am thankful for…

1. Getting everything I need for my working week in Singapore.

2. Having a laugh in the office with everyone before I left.

3. Knowing that Bradley will be getting his internship sorted out.

4. Enjoying my new book on behavior change!

5. Watching the movie – The Impossible.

6. A smooth flight on the giant A380 to Singapore.

7. Nice taxi drivers.

8. Feeling at home in Singapore.

9. Messaging my daughter.

10. Going to bed feeling loved, blessed and looked after.


Day 291 ~ 293 – March 22 ~ 24, 2013

It’s been a long weekend for me, in a good way.

Over this weekend, I am thankful for…

1. Having a day off to recharge.

2. Finding Nadia’s lost wallet! There are KIND people in this world!

3. Getting to the Hong Kong Rugby 7’s and having a great time.

4. Attending a Grand Milonga and dancing to my heart’s delight.

5. Relaxing at home with my puppy and giving her a haircut and a bath.

6. Seeing my daughter enjoy herself over this weekend.

7. Helping out a friend with her new business venture.

8. Seeing my niece’s happy photos of her at an amusement park.

9. Churning out creative ideas for my TED doodle.

10. Making plans to make a difference.