We listen to seek understanding.

Or at least we try to.

Yet it is not often easy.

But definitely worth it.




I often ask people, if you were a fruit, what would you be?

In a previous (actually rather long ago now…) post, I said I’d be a grape.

Soft on the outside, but my core is tiny yet tough, almost unbreakable.

Pineapples on the other hand, are rough on the outside, sweet on the inside.

They stand tall and wear a beautiful crown.

This post is dedicated to my daughter, who has a fondness for pineapples.

9th July, 2013 – The Darkest of Nights

My friend,

There are some battles that you will have to fight alone.
Just as I have fought them myself, I know it’s hard.

There are days and nights that you will have to face on your own.
Just as I have faced them myself, I know it’s hard.

Remember to look up.
Keep your chin up.

Never look back because wars are not won that way.
Never look back because you have already been down that path.
Never look back because there is just so much more ahead to look forward to.

I care, but I cannot fight your battles for you.
You deserve to win it for yourself.

Your friend xo