Where did my Sleep go?

The one night you try to sleep early.
The night before you have to get up early.
You even did some sleepy time yoga.
You made sure you did not have any caffeine after 12 noon.
You had a bath.
You read.
You kept the TV off.

You're in a strange bed.
In a hotel.
Even with your blankie there, it happens.

Your Sleep disappeared.
It just vanished.
One minute it was right there, within reach.
The next moment, gone.

And here you are, drawing, writing, reading some more.
Hoping Sleep would somehow come crawling back.
And soon, not at 3am…

Ass vs. Class

Never sink down to their level is what I say to myself.

As Mark Twain once said, “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Classiness is not letting them get to you.

Entering a conversation with an ass is the quickest way to become one.

YouTube Channel – A Life So Luminous

I am going to do regular videos of my drawing process.

These will be posted on the A Life So Luminous YouTube channel which you can subscribe to and share with your friends.

Let me know how you like them and what more you’d like to see!

A Life So Luminous YouTube Channel


#fhs – a life (not) so luminous


The nicer version – #forheavenssake

My real meaning – #fuckinghorseshit

The first time I heard this expression, I laughed so hard.

I thought there simply isn’t a better way of describing some of life’s moments when it’s beyond bullshit, it’s simply fucking horseshit.

This blog is a luminous one. Mostly happiness and light.

But like the Force, there has got to be a Dark Side.

I present to you, my new series – A Life (Not) So Lumious – #fuckinghorseshit

Please send me your #fhs moments and perhaps I can attempt to turn them into doodles.

And make light of them.


Small Things

It’s a good day to be thankful for those small things in life.

I am not talking about a tiny wild flower, or a smile from a child.

I’d like to be thankful for jalapeños.

Those tiny green spicy bombs that make your mouth explode and your eyes cry.

How do you like your jalapeños?

Do you like them at all? 


Do nothing.


I bought a book on my recent trip to New Zealand. “500 Words You Should Know” by Caroline Taggart.

The first word my daughter pointed out was “discombobulated”.

And it’s the perfect word to describe how I have been feeling these past few months.

According to this book, discombulated is “a jokey word meaning exactly what it sounds as if it means: confused, disconcerted, ‘thrown’ in a big way. You might be discombobulated by an interrruption or by the appearance of an unexpected guest; on a bad day you could be generally discombobulated, not with it and unable to cope with the many questions that life throws at you.”

Life has been throwing many questions at me and I have not been able to cope.

And in my quest to find some solace in this rather noisy and upset world, I came across the “art of doing nothing” – 無為 (pronounced WU WEI or oooo-way) – a Chinese concept from Lao Tsu. It literally means “no trying” or “no doing”, but it is not about doing nothing. It is rather a state of mind where one is in his/ her most natural state, in harmony with one’s surroundings/ situation. And also a state of “effortless action”.

Seems to make so much sense and no sense whatsoever to me at the same time.

And in exploring this concept, I have somewhat already found some peace and answers.

Isn’t that the Art of Doing Nothing?

From being/ feeling discombulated, not in harmony with myself and the world around me, what I seek is the state of 無為 – through effortless inaction. To just be.

The past few months has been a state of frantic action, goal oriented planning and doing which has thrown me off balance. So much so that I no longer enjoyed the things I once loved.

So I decided that I will do nothing.

Till balance is restored, or at least till I am combobulated. (If there is such a word…)


A Moment in Time

This evening I witnessed someone make a decision.

And often we see decisions as life changing. 

Like that movie Sliding Doors, determining the rest of your life by a choice you made.

And the endless debates I have had with people on the difference between a decision and a choice, often makes me wonder about the power we place or reliquish whenever decisions/ choices are concerned.

Then you said to me, it’s never life changing, it’s just a moment in time.

It got me thinking.

Our lives are changing, in each moment in time.

As the saying goes, the only thing that doesn’t change is that everything changes.

So why do we take decisions so heavily. Why do we weigh ourselves down with the anxieties of having to choose?

It’s a beautiful reminder. It’s just a moment in time. 

Everything changes. 

And that will never change. 

Would you know…?

Perhaps it really is the weather, people are gloomy and depressed around me.

Perhaps it’s this thing called romance/ love.

People offering up their hearts and wanting to know if it is reciprocated.

People offering up their hearts and wondering if they will be loved.

I offer no advice. 

Just a drawing. Sadly inspired by your misery…

Simple pleasures.

It was strange flying today.
People at the airport were either talking about or reading about the missing Malaysian Airline flight.
I did have a few morbid thoughts along the way but I have too much to live for and eventually my thoughts went back to how grateful I am to be here, on my way to do work that I love.

I am thankful for…
1. Arriving safely in Taipei.
2. A nice taxi driver who stayed awake! (He did scare me a bit when he started to drift and swerve…)
3. Being alive. (Please refer to no.2)
4. The nice and clean hotel that I stay in whenever I come to Taipei.
5. Dedicated artists who create beautiful work, from handmade soaps to delicate jewelry.
6. Yummy night market food!
7. Refreshing green tea with a dash of fresh grapefruit.
8. Finding a Mother’s Day present.
9. Hot baths.
10. Writing.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my doodles.
I’m back in the mood to draw again!