Peu á peu

Some days are just filled with as much frustration as there are things to be grateful for.

It’s better to find sweetness in those small moments than to let the disappointments get you down.

I can do this.


Countdown to 2018 – Gratitude Doodles – #1 Grad to Pro

Less than 50 days.


Before make resolutions and celebrate the new year, let’s make a gratitude list of 2017.

Top of my list.

My daughter will finish university this year and step into a new phase of her life.

I am thankful that her hard work has been rewarded.

That she is a down to earth young woman.

That she has found new passions and overcome challenges in this past year.

That she has emerged a champion and a young Wonder Woman.

I drew a doodle of how I imagine her as a YO-PRO!

Day 336 & 337 – May 6 & 7, 2013

Having a heavy Peking style dinner on a Monday evening means a sleepless Monday night.
Thankfully, I made it through my big Tuesday workshop.

I am also grateful for…

1. A happy evening celebrating my friend Triny’s engagement.

2. Brutal honesty and the quality of being human Teflon – some things are not meant to stick.

3. The support work that my colleagues do behind the scenes.

4. A very successful workshop in spite of the politics involved.

5. Revisiting a great little cafe that serves great coffee.

6. Seeing the kids in a great happy mood.

7. Thinking about a holiday.

8. Funny conversations.

9. Great tandas at tango.

10. The beautiful time I have had at the Helena May, dancing tango. Thank you.

The Helena May.
I will miss the chandeliers.


Day 328 – April 28, 2013

I am feeling a bit more rested and my energy level is a bit better today.

On this Sunday, I am thankful for…

1. Pepper being so compliant when I gave her a haircut – she looks good!

2. Finding a very nice and cheap non stick frying pan.

3. Getting my hair trimmed.

4. Endorphins – post exercise.

5. Seeing my daughter happy.

6. A nice home cooked dinner with lots of green vegetables.

7. Saying goodbye to that heavy hearted feeling.

8. Realizing that some people may mean well but their approach might not be right for me.

9. Doing laundry – having the luxury of a washer and a dryer.

10. Living in comfort – I have everything that I need.


Day 323 ~ Day 324 – April 23 & 24, 2013

The week had just started, somehow I am a little more tired than usual.
Although complaining does not change things, I feel I have to be more honest sometimes with myself. And I am honestly tired.

I am thankful for…

1. Making tiny progress with my meditation practice.

2. Successful workshops with great participants.

3. My beautiful colleagues with hearts of gold.

4. My puppy Pepper and her unconditional love.

5. Blissfully sleeping till morning.

6. Having good hair days.

7. Fascinating conversations.

8. Doing steps I learnt in tango.

9. Very enjoyable tandas at tango.

10. Listening to people who speak with genuine passion and knowledge.


Day 311- 314 ~ April 11-14, 2013

I have been in Singapore these past few days.
Work work work and a little bit of play over the weekend.
And I am thankful for…

1. Keeping my cool even when things are not going my way.

2. Realizing I can’t change people who do not wish to change.

3. Seeing the sweet tango teachers Sebastian and Ines again.

4. The warm Singaporean tango community.

5. Spending Saturday lunch with Tim, his family and friends and also Einar whom I haven’t seen since 1999!

6. Exploring the touristy Singapore night life with Einar.

7. Enjoying the amazing night scene of Singapore from way up high!

8. Having lots of fun dancing tango over here in Singapore.

9. Finding very beautiful ear rings.

10. Getting photos of Pepper my puppy!


Day 306 & 307 – April 6 & 7, 2013

This weekend has been a busy one!

I am thankful for…

1. Resolving the whatsapp misunderstanding.

2. A great workshop delivered at the AEISEC Hong Kong conference at Baptist University.

3. Inspiring young people to take charge of their lives.

4. The loyalty and support of my colleagues.

5. Completely reorganizing my wardrobe.

6. Finding great books to read.

7. The cool weather without the humidity of the past few days.

8. Being able to exercise!

9. Having a late night catch up chat with a good friend.

10. Finding something I thought I had lost.


Day 295 ~ 296 – March 26 ~ 27, 2013

Tuesday is Tango night and I am often too tired afterwards to write.
Wednesday already, and here is my combined list for these two days.

I am thankful for…

1. Having productive days at work.

2. Having a job that I am good at doing and being useful to the world.

3. Meeting smart like minded people who do things to change the world.

4. Having Pepper the Puppy at work to ease stress and make everyone smile.

5. Enjoying a great catch up with great people.

6. Realizing that some things and some people are toxic.

7. Knowing that Nadia and Bradley are very helpful at work and that they add value to what we do.

8. Coming home to an excited puppy dog who is so happy to have me home.

9. Getting a peppermint plant and a small pot to grow it in.

10. Realizing that I am strong enough.


Day 288 – March 19, 2013

After a terrible night’s sleep, I managed to have a great day in spite of how tired I felt.

On this day, I am thankful for…

1. Managing to wake up early to have breakfast at home.

2. An excellent finale to the two day workshop.

3. Having participants who give back as much as I deliver!

4. Having caring colleagues who pitch in whenever they can.

5. Enjoying my love infused lunch box at work.

6. Chatting with my colleagues after a long day.

7. Seeing old friends at tango.

8. Dancing a very enjoyable tanda.

9. Coming home to brush my puppy Pepper’s hair.

10. Knowing that I am resilient.


Day 287 – March 18, 2013

The secret to happiness?
Do all things with love.

Today, I am thankful for these things that I could do with love…

1. Going to work bright and early and with a light heart.

2. Deliver a full day workshop with great gusto and enjoyment.

3. Enjoy a home made lunch at work and have a brief chat with everyone in the office.

4. Do grocery shopping with my two big babies (both are 18!) after work.

5. Cook dinner for my two big babies.

6. Prepare our lunch boxes for tomorrow.

7. Do the dishes so we wake up to a clean and tidy kitchen.

8. Brush Puppy Pepper’s silky hair and remove all her tangles.

9. Watch Pepper enjoy her newly made little sofa bed – thank you Bradley!

10. Know that I have had an exhausting but productive day.