I often ask people, if you were a fruit, what would you be?

In a previous (actually rather long ago now…) post, I said I’d be a grape.

Soft on the outside, but my core is tiny yet tough, almost unbreakable.

Pineapples on the other hand, are rough on the outside, sweet on the inside.

They stand tall and wear a beautiful crown.

This post is dedicated to my daughter, who has a fondness for pineapples.


You are not that interesting.

One of the best advice that I ever got was…
“Don’t talk about yourself all the time, you are not that interesting.”

In my quest to discover interesting, intelligent and WISE people, I met a lot of people who only talk about themselves.
And they confirmed that piece of advice I mentioned just now.
These people are usually not that interesting, and they usually don’t realize that all they talk about is themselves.

So I learnt to shut up and listen.
Not just because I’d like to be more interesting, but also because I am listening for real wisdom in others. People who have something that I can learn from.

These people usually don’t talk as much.
You have to listen really intently to hear what they have to say.