Countdown to 2018 – Gratitude Doodles – #1 Grad to Pro

Less than 50 days.


Before make resolutions and celebrate the new year, let’s make a gratitude list of 2017.

Top of my list.

My daughter will finish university this year and step into a new phase of her life.

I am thankful that her hard work has been rewarded.

That she is a down to earth young woman.

That she has found new passions and overcome challenges in this past year.

That she has emerged a champion and a young Wonder Woman.

I drew a doodle of how I imagine her as a YO-PRO!

Treat Yo Self Part II

“Students are the hardest working people on this planet.” – according to students.

They deserve every mini celebration!

This post features my daughter Nadia who is *working hard* on her university final exams.

With a special appearance from Wellington the Bear, a trusty long time companion.

A Life So Luminously Connected – A Magical Encounter

Earlier this month I went to New Zealand to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday. On the day of my arrival, I met her flatmates, Eilish and Amelia.  Amelia thought I looked/ seemed familiar but could not figure out why. During … Continue reading

Day 333 – May 3, 2013

It’s Friday, and everyone was tired.

I am thankful for…

1. Pepper being such a great office dog – well behaved and happy.

2. Being able to help others out when things are a bit tough.

3. Learning to be a good listener.

4. Learning to manage emotions.

5. Learning even more about managing emotions through neuroscience.

6. Learning from someone who is knowledgable, kind and gentle.

7. Spending a very relaxing evening with two of my favourite peeps – N & B.

8. Having lunch with my friend from kindergarten days.

9. Watching my puppy do her mad five minutes of running around the house.

10. Acts of kindness.

Easy to say, not easy to do.


Day 275 – March 6, 2013

Life is never dull.
Life is always filled with drama.

Well, at least my life feels this way!
Yet, the things that I am grateful for makes me smile and go on.

I am thankful for…

1. Courage – to stop what is not good for me.

2. Strength – to soldier on.

3. Wisdom – to know which battles are worth fighting for.

4. Humour – to find hilarity in the toughest situations.

5. Friendship – to know that your love for me is free from judgement.

6. Family – to be there for me, with no questions asked.

7. Calmness – to look at the storm and not be bothered.

8. Quietude – to find peace in the noise.

9. Discipline – to not let outer calamity spoil my inner tranquility.

10. Love – to know that love can conquer all.


Day 214 ~ Day 220 – January 4 ~ 10, 2013

First of all, I don’t know what got into me but I needed a little blogging break to focus on rearranging the home in the past week.

I am back to normal now, I think.

The new bed has arrived for my daughter Nadia.
The house is 95% decluttered.

In Nadia’s words, our home looks spiffin’. (A bit of Kiwi slang I think.)

So here is my condensed gratitude list for the past week.
I am thankful for…

1. Finding an inexpensive but perfect bed for Nadia’s room.

2. The fun times we had at IKEA and MUJI looking for items we needed.

3. The hilarious noodle shop conversation with the chef and the waitresses who were fascinated by Nadia and I.

4. The smooth transition of schedule changes at work.

5. The operation that my dear friend had to go through was a success and she is slowly recovering.

6. My Singapore work trip will also be a special trip with Nadia tagging along!

7. The movie night with Beatrice, Veanne, Alex and Nadia – watching The Grand Master – still and always a fan of Wong Kar Wai.

8. The opportunity to turn an adverse situation around into a winning situation!

9. Your messages that made me feel loved.

10. Your presence – it’s all contained in what is unspoken. I love you.

What I like about New Zealand – bonus post

The very best part of my New Zealand trip were two very lovely young people – my daughter Nadia and her boyfriend Bradley.

Here’s why:

1. They are easy going.

2. They make me laugh – almost too much.

3. They like lollies – too much.

4. They like ice cream – also too much.

5. We call each other fatties – it’s a term of endearment, but it contains an element of truth.

6. We can discuss bunny rabbits and other possible future pets for ages and not be tired of the topic.

7. We come up with silly ways of playing normal games – well, actually, it’s Bradley who does this, examples are Blind Jenga and Blind Connect Four.

8. They make me breakfast. And they would bring along a bottle of wine for me on the road trip.

9. They made me climb up and down a big rock even though I protested.

10. They cheered me on when I got a hole in one at mini golf.

I could go on, but no list will ever be big enough to contain the love and adoration I have for these two hunnies.



Beautiful New Zealand

My Top 10 List for New Zealand

1. Blanket of stars

2. Kiwi hospitality

2. Beautiful Mount Taranaki

3. Amazing clouds

4. Breathtaking sunsets

5. Grain Waves

6. Clean public toilets

7. Free museums

8. Fresh air

9. Delicious clean water

10. Jaffas (orange coated chocolate balls)

What tops it all off is that my daughter made everything special, extra special.

Reluctantly, I said bye bye to New Zealand.
And flew back to reality.


Day 134 – October 12, 2012

1. I am thankful for a most wonderful 11 days in Taranaki, New Zealand.

2. I am grateful that it will only be a short separation before I see my daughter again.

3. I am thankful that we were both very brave and strong and we didn’t cry when we had to say goodbye.

4. I am grateful for the lovely warm hugs that my daughter gives me.

5. I am thankful that Andy came to wish me happy birthday and to say goodbye before I left?

6. I am grateful that both flights went very smoothly and uneventfully.

7. I am thankful for a the great selection of in flight movies that helped me get through 12 hours of flying.

8. I am thankful that I arrived home safely.

9. I am thankful for all the welcome home messages.

10. I am grateful that I have a weekend to rest before a hectic rest of the year ahead.