A long distance reminder

Yesterday I reconnected with a dear friend in Italy.

We met when we were very young, in a magical castle in Wales.

Now we are mothers, entrepreneurs, businesswomen and still great friends.

She reminded me of why and how I started this blog and these drawings.

I am not only thankful for her friendship, but also for her reminder that our small actions may have great impact on others.

This post is for you Laura, thank you. 

Noise and Peace

Sometimes the noisiest places can offer the most peace.

Tonight I managed to work quietly on my own in a blues bar blasting Eric Clapton.

I hope you managed to find peace in this noise.

Would you know…?

Perhaps it really is the weather, people are gloomy and depressed around me.

Perhaps it’s this thing called romance/ love.

People offering up their hearts and wanting to know if it is reciprocated.

People offering up their hearts and wondering if they will be loved.

I offer no advice. 

Just a drawing. Sadly inspired by your misery…

Stray Balloon

My dog Pepper chased after a stray balloon today.
Then a gust of wind blew the balloon onto the road.

We both stood and watched.
And it felt like a rather sad scene.

I think I have watched too many artsy movies that can make even a balloon feel sad.
But then, I have used the balloon as a symbol of myself quite a bit in the past, perhaps I saw something of myself in that stray balloon today.

Life sends gusts of wind that blows you helplessly into directions unknown.


An Unexpected Call – Day 99 – 24 September 2014

Traveling in China means Internet challenges.
It’s impossible to log onto blogging sites, WordPress being one of them.

So I am posting my daily doodles belatedly.
This one was done after an arduous journey from Macau – Zhuhai – Guangzhou.
I was not in the mood for drama but drama was what I got.


5th October, 2013 – The All Knowing Mum

In my daughter’s eyes, I am the All Knowing Mum.

Whenever she needs to know something, she would consult her walking encyclopedia, human dictionary and her source of all information – her mother.

The questions range from…
1. Where did you get these pens?
2. What times does the post office open?
3. If I get buried up to my head in wet concrete, would I survive if it hardened?
4. How are rocks made?
5. What’s that song that dad likes?

The last one in that list was what I got tonight.
She even sang/ mumbled a part of it, expecting me to know.

Whenever I tell her that I don’t know the answer to some of her questions, she would say “But you’re my mum!”
In her view, mums know EVERYTHING.
Well, HER mum does. Or is supposed to.

I try.

That’s what parents do.
They try.
They would do everything in their ability for their children.