Appreciation Day 2/28

Love is undivided attention.

You have no idea how much I appreciate yours.

And you have mine, always.


Some I love yous are too complicated…

Perhaps I have not learnt to appreciate certain styles of poetry, I find it personal and very subjective when it comes to sharing poetry.

Either you love it or you don’t, or perhaps you just don’t get it.

It’s similar to saying I love you, either the feeling is reciprocated, or not, or perhaps you just don’t get it.

Similar to songs.

You love it, get it and appreciate it.

Or it simply makes no sense to you.


About words…

A Thousand Oceans

Your eyes carry the weight of a thousand oceans

and the echo of the universe

I promise you…

That you will be happy again.

~ My Persian Poet ~

I have written these words down where I can see them everyday.

The Process of a Doodle

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My Sea to Your Shore

Like sea to the shore.

High tide, low tide.

Up close. Far away.

Ebb and flow.

Love is knowing that there are bright days and dark nights.

Love is knowing that oceans exist because there are shores.


Take out the flowers

Throw out the dirty water

Rinse out the vase

Put it away

René Ricard (1979-1980)
Everyday is a new day.
How cliché. How true.

Except I dried those flowers and locked them in a state of semi-permanence.

Cherry blossoms and its impermanence are a cruel but beautiful reminder of how fickle, fragile and finite our emotions can be. As we watch them wilt and scatter, we stand and gaze with the hope of seeing the same beauty and magnificence again one day. We cannot do the same for certain things in life. 

This René Ricard poem. Its brutal simplicity speaks such truth.

A mundane act of cleaning out a vase could hold such significance.

Either that, or I am being overly dramatic and sensitive these days. Fucking hormones. And general exhaustion.

9th July, 2013 – The Darkest of Nights

My friend,

There are some battles that you will have to fight alone.
Just as I have fought them myself, I know it’s hard.

There are days and nights that you will have to face on your own.
Just as I have faced them myself, I know it’s hard.

Remember to look up.
Keep your chin up.

Never look back because wars are not won that way.
Never look back because you have already been down that path.
Never look back because there is just so much more ahead to look forward to.

I care, but I cannot fight your battles for you.
You deserve to win it for yourself.

Your friend xo


Love is in the details

I read that love actually changes us.
The emotion of love changes us physically, at a neurobiological level.

It is also this same emotion of love that infuses us to a point where our awareness expands and opens our eyes to all that is around us.

It is love that allows us to expand beyond our selves.
It is also love that allows us to be greater than our selves.

Yet, where do we find this love?

I myself, discover love in the details.