5th July, 2013 – Service with a Smile

Today I am thankful for the service I received from a man named Smile, who did everything with not just a smile, but with enthusiasm.

His name is Smile Chen and he works at the concierge at Jing Lun Hotel in Beijing.

I checked out this morning and was ready to go and get myself a taxi to the airport when he appeared in front of me and asked me where I needed to go.

He then took my luggage, asked me to stand by the revolving door and wait, explaining that it is very hot outside therefore better for me to stay inside the lobby and wait.

When these two other people tried to jump the queue and take my taxi, (this is China after all, queuing isn’t exactly a strong point for the people here, in my experience), Smile stopped them and escorted me and my luggage to the taxi meant for me.

I thanked him and gave him a big tip and a big smile.
And he wished me a safe journey.

Maybe he did it for the tip, maybe he just does his job with 200%.
In Chinese I would say he is very 認真, and I have yet to find an English word/ phrase that could translate this attitude.

Anyway, he made my day.
And he helped me leave Beijing with a very positive impression.