A Message to You

This is my message to you, on your special day.


Rare Word of the Day: Redamancy

It’s St. Valentine’s Day.

And I wish everyone could find, have, enjoy and appreciate redamancy.

A word that ought to be brought back to use in the English language.

Most of Love is Lost

I have been practising the Four Agreements since the start of this year.

And I have not been very successful at all.

Not even with the First Agreement: Be Impeccable with Your Word.

It is much harder than I imagined.

The first doodle of 2018 is inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements.

And of course, the greatest poet philosopher, Khalil Gibran.

And, my failures and mistakes.


I went to the bookstore again today.

Came home with three books.

My purpose there was not just to purchase books.

I also went to have a coffee today.

Drank a lovely little cup of coffee.

My purpose there was not just to drink coffee.

I went and did a bunch of things today.

Accomplished several tasks and errands.

But my purpose was not to complete tasks and run errands.

I failed…

I failed to see your pain.
I was too busy with my own.

I failed to feel your struggle.
I was too busy with my own.

I failed to see things through your eyes.
I was too busy with my own.

I failed to understand you.
I was too busy trying to understand myself.

Harvest Moon

My love.

I’d like to add one thing to our list.

Let’s slow dance to this Neil Young song.
“Harvest Moon”

Come a little bit closer

Hear what I have to say

Just like children sleeping

We could dream this night away

But there’s a full moon rising

Let’s go dancing in the light

We know where the music’s playing

Let’s go out and feel the night 

Because I’m still in love with you

On this harvest moon

When we were strangers

I watched you from afar

When we were lovers

I loved you with all my heart

But now it’s getting late

And the moon is climbing high

I want to celebrate

See it shining in your eye

Because I’m still in love with you

On this harvest moon

I sleep sweeter

It’s not important whether I understand or not.
What’s important is that you told me.

My world is lovelier with you in it.
I sleep sweeter knowing you are in my world.

Good night my sweet.


Day 177 – November 28, 2012

1. I am thankful that I did not have to walk all the way to work this morning with my heavy bag.

2. I am thankful for all the lovely compliments I received today because of my white and pearl themed outfit!

3. I am grateful that I finished my planning on schedule.

4. I am grateful for getting a much needed fright so I would end an unhealthy addiction of Hong Kong style milk tea.

5. I am grateful that I have been getting all these signs from all around for a decision that I want to make.

6. I am thankful that my daughter has such a lovely boyfriend – thoughtful, considerate and very polite.

7. I am thankful that every day is a new day and filled with promises and possibilities.

8. I am grateful for the one on one time tonight – to talk about my future and my aspirations.

9. I am grateful that I receive appreciation and care at work – from the entire team.

10. I am thankful that I am a woman – a daughter, mother, sister, friend, partner, colleague, mentor, coach, trainer, teacher, writer, doodler, artist, tanguera, milonguera, lover and soul mate.