For the Love of my Life

My Love.

I adore you.


3rd October, 2013 – Hang out with me!

My daughter has a slight cold.
She has been taking some medicine for it.
And it has a strange effect on her…

She keeps asking me to “hang out” with her….

Not that I don’t like hanging out with her, but it’s just cute and funny the way she does it.
Like a big baby wanting extra affection.
I guess when you’re sick, you want some extra tender loving attention.
Perhaps that’s what her “hanging out” means?

When was the last time you “hung out” with a loved one?
Do YOU ask for some hanging out time when you need it?
I know I for one need to learn to ask for some more.

Hope everyone is healthy.
Take care as the season changes.

With love,


Confession – My Secret Relationships

I have a secret relationship, with my keys.

I call out to them, in a gentle sweet voice, whenever I cannot find them.

I have a long standing relationship with my mobile phone (or I should say with my service provider).

I have a loving relationship with my wallet.
I speak to her (yes, it’s a she, in hot pink).
I think about how important she is in my life.
And I take her with me, everywhere I go.

I don’t have special names for them.
They are Keys, Phone and Wallet.
But I am very grateful for their existence, especially when I am traveling.