I often ask people, if you were a fruit, what would you be?

In a previous (actually rather long ago now…) post, I said I’d be a grape.

Soft on the outside, but my core is tiny yet tough, almost unbreakable.

Pineapples on the other hand, are rough on the outside, sweet on the inside.

They stand tall and wear a beautiful crown.

This post is dedicated to my daughter, who has a fondness for pineapples.


Frogs and Chickens

According to the internet, Salma Hayek once said, “I keep waiting to meeting a man who has more balls than I do.”

This doodle was inspired by her quote, as well as past and recent events, involving cowardly men.


An important lesson in life…

I’ve had my brother and his family come stay with me over the last six days.
It’s been so lovely having a busy noisy household.
Main reason being my 13 month old nephew Isaac and my one year old puppy Pepper.
They became best friends from the moment they met.
And they make a lot of noise and fun together.

They have gone home today and the house is quiet again.
I miss them tremendously.
The one thing that helps me when I am homesick for my family is to just enjoy my own company.

It’s been one of the most important things that I have learnt.
Enjoying my own company.

There is always so much to do, plan and think about.
And it’s actually a lot of fun for me.

What do you do when you are enjoying your own company?


Day 275 – March 6, 2013

Life is never dull.
Life is always filled with drama.

Well, at least my life feels this way!
Yet, the things that I am grateful for makes me smile and go on.

I am thankful for…

1. Courage – to stop what is not good for me.

2. Strength – to soldier on.

3. Wisdom – to know which battles are worth fighting for.

4. Humour – to find hilarity in the toughest situations.

5. Friendship – to know that your love for me is free from judgement.

6. Family – to be there for me, with no questions asked.

7. Calmness – to look at the storm and not be bothered.

8. Quietude – to find peace in the noise.

9. Discipline – to not let outer calamity spoil my inner tranquility.

10. Love – to know that love can conquer all.


Day 91 – August 30, 2012

1. I am thankful for being able to give my niece a memorable and fun day at this play zone where she spent hours just having pure fun.

2. I am grateful to be able to enjoy the day through watching someone small having such a huge amount of fun.

3. I am thankful that my mother is willing to indulge in my whims.

4. I am grateful for this short summer break.

5. I am thankful for the sweet messages I received today.

6. I am grateful that certain things have stopped bothering me.

7. I am thankful that negativity has its place in life.

8. I am grateful for strength.

9. I am thankful for indolent days.

10. I am thankful for the change.