Fields of Gold

“I never made promises lightly

And there have been some that I’ve broken 

But I swear in the days still left

We’ll walk in fields of gold

We’ll walk in fields of gold”

Written by Gordon Sumner (Sting)

Good Morning

All they had left were a few simple words.

A few simple words were all that they needed.

The Romance of a Hand Written Letter – Day 96 – September 27, 2014

My apologies for not posting my daily doodles regularly.
I have no excuse.
Just didn’t do them.
Till now.

This one is for my niece Chloé.
She lives in Taiwan and is six years old.
She loves it when I write letters to her.

Last week I wrote her a letter.
And it got me thinking about the romance of handwritten letters.
And how much I’d love to go back to the days of intense and genuine communication, instead of the over communication these days with instant messaging and photo bombardments.

This is nothing new.
And I bet lots of people feel the same way.
And it’s rather pretentious because I know I also wouldn’t want to give up the convenience of instant messaging and the Internet…

Here’s the doodle.


So Far So Close

Thanks to the internet, I could spend time with my daughter this weekend.

She has lots of work to do for her university studies, and I just kept her company while she did her work.

We also learnt a new word, PENUMBRA.

I enjoyed this weekend very much.


Love as a process.

When someone asks you,
“What is it that you like about me?”
It’s both the easiest and the hardest question to answer.

All I could come up with was, “I like your smell.”

Then you told me,
“This is what I like about you – the process of getting to know you.”
“All the little things put together.”

Love is a process.


More than love.

People have many names for that important person in their life.

Husband. Wife.
Boyfriend. Girlfriend.
Significant Other.
The list goes on.

I like to call you my 知己 – a word that means “confidante” in Chinese.
When you look at the Chinese characters, 知 means to know, and 己 means self.

Someone who knows me.

You are someone who knows me the way I love to be known.
And I know you the way you know me.

This is my Valentine’s gift to you.
More than love, we have history.
We have each other.