Ass vs. Class

Never sink down to their level is what I say to myself.

As Mark Twain once said, “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Classiness is not letting them get to you.

Entering a conversation with an ass is the quickest way to become one.



Take out the flowers

Throw out the dirty water

Rinse out the vase

Put it away

René Ricard (1979-1980)
Everyday is a new day.
How cliché. How true.

Except I dried those flowers and locked them in a state of semi-permanence.

Cherry blossoms and its impermanence are a cruel but beautiful reminder of how fickle, fragile and finite our emotions can be. As we watch them wilt and scatter, we stand and gaze with the hope of seeing the same beauty and magnificence again one day. We cannot do the same for certain things in life. 

This René Ricard poem. Its brutal simplicity speaks such truth.

A mundane act of cleaning out a vase could hold such significance.

Either that, or I am being overly dramatic and sensitive these days. Fucking hormones. And general exhaustion.

#fhs – a life (not) so luminous


The nicer version – #forheavenssake

My real meaning – #fuckinghorseshit

The first time I heard this expression, I laughed so hard.

I thought there simply isn’t a better way of describing some of life’s moments when it’s beyond bullshit, it’s simply fucking horseshit.

This blog is a luminous one. Mostly happiness and light.

But like the Force, there has got to be a Dark Side.

I present to you, my new series – A Life (Not) So Lumious – #fuckinghorseshit

Please send me your #fhs moments and perhaps I can attempt to turn them into doodles.

And make light of them.