About words…


Rare Word of the Day: Redamancy

It’s St. Valentine’s Day.

And I wish everyone could find, have, enjoy and appreciate redamancy.

A word that ought to be brought back to use in the English language.

A Thousand Oceans

Your eyes carry the weight of a thousand oceans

and the echo of the universe

I promise you…

That you will be happy again.

~ My Persian Poet ~

I have written these words down where I can see them everyday.


I went to the bookstore again today.

Came home with three books.

My purpose there was not just to purchase books.

I also went to have a coffee today.

Drank a lovely little cup of coffee.

My purpose there was not just to drink coffee.

I went and did a bunch of things today.

Accomplished several tasks and errands.

But my purpose was not to complete tasks and run errands.

I failed…

I failed to see your pain.
I was too busy with my own.

I failed to feel your struggle.
I was too busy with my own.

I failed to see things through your eyes.
I was too busy with my own.

I failed to understand you.
I was too busy trying to understand myself.

Draw Everywhere

I discovered that there are a few surfaces in my kitchen where I can draw freely with dry erase (whiteboard) markers.

Couldn’t sleep tonight so I thought I’d post some photos of what I’ve done with these draw-able surfaces!




Hot or Not

I was hot.
It was a humid day and a storm was brewing.

You saw me and told me I looked hot.
As in sexy hot babe hot.

It made me smile from ear to ear because if you think I’m hot when I am sweaty, wearing a t shirt, my hair up in a messy knot and I have no make up on, then I must be the most beautiful woman in your eyes.

You make me feel beautiful.
Hot or not.